Tuesday 21 November 2017

During one transformative day, participants will expand their HR leadership skills in key areas while benefiting from the expertise of speakers from a wide variety of industries. This event will challenge your pre-conceptions and enhance your ability to lead and deliver effective change.


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8:45am   Introduction from the Chairperson
    Professor Jane Parker PhD, School of Management, Massey Business School


Welcome from the Event Partner

    Kenny Addison, Territory Manager - New Zealand, ELMO



PANEL DISCUSSION: How to build a compelling business case for HR investment


Successful HR programs start with strong senior executive support. Panellists will discuss tips and methods of justifying HR investment.

  • Getting senior management on board with the idea of spending money on HR programs
  • Explaining how HR strategies will enable senior leaders to make better strategic decisions
  • How to calculate the tangible value of HR investment
  • Presenting a coherent and worthwhile business case to justify investment 


Evan Bateup, Chief People Officer, Vista Group

Vicki Caisley, ‎Chief People & Strategy Officer, Southern Cross Health Society

Antony Welton, HR Director, Vodafone NZ


Professor Jane Parker PhD, School of Management, Massey Business School  

10:00am   Q&A: The art of frank and fearless HR leadership  

 Evan Bateup, Chief People Officer, Vista Group



Morning refreshments and networking break




CASE STUDY: How New Zealand Home Loans navigated an HR Automation System implementation


In the wake of ever-evolving technology, innovative businesses are embracing new ways of working in order to improve how they recruit, on-board and develop their people. In this session, NZHL (New Zealand Home Loans) share their own experiences from their recent implementation of a cloud-based HR automation solution.

Frank Hunter, Learning & Development Manager, NZHL



PANEL DISCUSSION: Mental health and wellness in today’s workplace


Employers today have legal and ethical obligations to provide mentally safe and healthy workplaces. This session will explore best-practice guidelines for designing jobs and workplaces to support employees and reduce mental health risks.

  • What strategies are New Zealand’s best employers taking to be proactive about mental health?
  • What types of support does an employee with a mental illness really need from their employer?
  • Best-practice guide to dealing with employee depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • What are an employer’s obligations regarding workplace stress?
  • What effect do formal disciplinary procedures have on someone with a mental illness?
  • How are New Zealand’s best employers supporting employees with mental illnesses?


Gordon Attwood, General Manager, Mind and Body

Jarrod Haar, Professor of Human Resource Management, Auckland University of Technology

Dr David Keane, Director, The Art of Deliberate Success


Professor Jane Parker PhD, School of Management, Massey Business School  




Networking lunch



  Q&A: Recruitment excellence strategies

As competition for talent intensifies across the country, some companies are taking innovative approaches to their recruitment campaigns.

  • Recruitment communication: Articulating a compelling message for candidates
  • Innovative use of technology during the recruitment process
  • Creating a positive and engaging candidate experience

Katie Williams, Head of HR Centres of Expertise, Vodafone




LEGAL UPDATE: Clarifying ambiguous elements of Holidays Act compliance 


New Zealand has one of the world’s most complex legislative structures relating to employee leave. This session will bring clarity to the most difficult areas of compliance.

  • How to handle unused annual leave for employees returning from parental leave
  • How does extended sick leave impact on payments for later annual leave?
  • Clarifying the ambiguous elements of the Parental Leave & Employment Protection Act 1987
  • How should contractual bonuses be considered in calculations of gross earnings?
Mo Al Obaidi, Solicitor, Hesketh Henry



Afternoon refreshments & networking break




PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovative and agile HR technology strategies to prepare for the future

     New Zealand’s best employers use team-oriented, agile, productivity-focused HR systems to cultivate a great employee experience.
  • How to build a compelling business case for HR technology investment
  • Leading technology projects – Building a strategic HR-IT alliance
  • Engaging all employees on the new technology journey - Managing diverse expectations, capabilities and needs
  • What types of technology will be game-changers for HR in the future?
  • How forward-thinking companies are making strategic decisions using big, deep data


Mike Ellis, CCO & Solution Director New Zealand, Synchrony Global

Melanee MacPhee, Head of HR, Cigna New Zealand

Jason Tuck, National HR Manager – Supply Chain & Employment Relations, Countdown


Professor Jane Parker PhD, School of Management, Massey Business School  




WORKSHOP: Change leadership: Winning over change-resistant employees  


As the pace of change in the economy accelerates, CEOs are increasingly requiring their organisations and HR teams to be more agile. How are employees handling such incessant organisational change? In this interactive workshop, participants will hone their skills in change management and change leadership.

  • Igniting an appetite for change amongst employees who are suffering ‘change fatigue’
  • Creating an agile culture that can quickly adapt to changes
  • Bedding-down change evenly through the stages of a business lifecycle
  • Dealing with change-resistant employees

Caroline Harvie, GM People, Culture and Safety, Christchurch International Airport



Conference concludes


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